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Headmaster Classified

Headmaster Classified

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A brand-new page of Classified ads will launch in Headmaster No. 7, which will be released this spring. These ads are specifically geared towards small to mid-sized businesses looking to reach an audience of smart and sexy man-loving readers. Headmaster is based in Providence and that's where a lot of our audience can be found, but we also have readers in 44 states and 27 countries, so this is your rare chance to reach an international audience while sharing space with like-minded businesses on a more local level.

This isn’t the kind of classified section you might be picturing. Or it might be, but the difference is that our Classified Ad page is going to be very pleasingly designed. (And, for what it's worth, your ad will live forever in places like the MoMA Design Library.)

So what do you get?

You can write a headline and a 20-word ad that will be read by Headmaster readers the world over, from Providence and New York (our biggest markets) to Tokyo, Berlin, and Toronto. Right now we’re specifically looking for galleries, bookstores, restaurants, men's clothing lines, online stores and unique businesses that might be interested in reaching out to a few thousand man-lovers in the coming months.

Classified ads are only $60, which is crazy cheap for something with this amount of impact. If that's not enough of a steal for you, you can advertise in two consecutive issues for just $100.

If you have any questions about the ads and how they work, feel free to email us. We're also happy to write your ad for you, if you prefer. And of course, if you’d like info about placing a full-sized ad, we’d be happy to talk to you about that, too!

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